Gary M. Payeur -- Business Manager

Gerald McAtee -- Financial/Corresponding Secretary,
                               Business Agent (Illinois)

Joseph "Sonny" Costa -- Business Agent (Missouri)

Kevin Leahy -- President

Mike Farrell – Vice-president

Brad Ackman -- Organizer

Jennifer Conner -- Office Manager

Kelly Fritze -- Secretary

Executive Board Members
Martin Feldhaus
Tim Hagan
Daniel Hennessey
Jay McAtee IV
Ashley Selby-Cougill

Terry Walsh Jr. -- Apprentice Coordinator   

William T. Rone -- Treasurer   

John Johns --  Sargent At Arms


Mike Hagen

Chad Lange

Nick Payeur

Apprentice Board

Union:  Gary M. Payeur, Gerald McAtee , Joseph Costa and Kevin Leahy
Contractor:  Josh Lagne (Walsh), Brian Oeltjen (Kaskaskia), Dave Bucheit (Bi-State) and Johnny Thornburgh (Thornburgh) 
Apprentice Coordinator -- Terry Walsh Jr.

Pension Trustees

Union: Gerald McAtee, Ross Mantia and Dominic Pavia
Contractors:  Maggie Shrout (I&S), Jay Atencio (Brand) and Josh Lange (Walsh) 

Health & Welfare Trustees

Union:  Bob Ackman, Tom Leahy and Gary Payeur
Contractors:  Brian Oeltjin (Kaskaskia), Johnny Thornburgh  (Thornburgh) and Dan Eskar (Walsh)

Joint Trade Board

Union:  Gary M. Payeur, Gerald McAtee, Joseph Costa and Kevin Leahy
Contractors:  Sean Boles (Galt), Josh Lange (Walsh), Chris Lyles (Central) and John Thornburgh (Thornburgh) 

Insulators Local Union No.1
3325 Hollenberg Drive
Bridgeton, MO 63044
Phone: 314 291 7399

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